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How a legal SAAS startup achieves a 41:1 LTV to CAC ratio in a competitive industry.

Case Study: Marketing for a Legal Startup Service Provider

Founded in 2010, SFLF provides tools for attorneys and law firms to easily build superior websites with comprehensive SEO marketing built into their product. The company was born of a conversation between Jade Orchard’s co-founders and some outside colleagues. Jade Orchard was then hired to provide guidance around core product strategy to the startup, assemble a mountain of SEO-optimized content for their offering, as well as handling digital marketing campaigns for Sites for Law Firms itself.

The Problem

As a lean startup, SFLF lacked internal marketing and content teams. They had a fixed marketing budget and needed to maximize return in a very competitive industry. They also needed help generating reams of data and content to be used by the automated tools they were building for attorneys.

The Results

Today SFLF is ranked on the first page of Google for 26 of their most valuable keywords and they achieved a $96 CPA on Google, Bing and Yahoo paid advertising networks. Using the assets built by Jade Orchard, their automated service can instantly generate an SEO-optimized website with specific, relevant content for almost any attorney or law from in the US. Their customers using this service routinely achieve first-page SEO results themselves.

The Solution

For Sites for Law Firms’ own product, we managed a project to systematically research keyword data and populate a database with unique, SEO-optimized content. This included researching and collating keyword data for 594 separate areas of law, and then managing a team of external content-writers and internal copy-editors who collectively penned ~680,000 words of unique content—more than comprise War and Peace.

Through discovery, interviews, competitive research and strategy sessions, we offered guidance for achieving optimal cross-channel campaigns by balancing resources committed to both SEO and SEM. With the company’s approval, we then proceeded to perform the necessary work to market Sites for Law Firms’ service to attorneys.

A Selection of Strategies We Administered

Technique #1: Consulting, Strategy and Competitive Research

We place such an emphasis on strategies unique to every client. This is possible through the research we do.

Comprehensive Target Demographic Research

We committed ourselves to understanding SFLF’s business objectives and formulated a series of recommendations reports that would help them achieve their business goals. Our research included comprehensive competitor keyword ranking analysis, secret shopping and focus groups.

Technique #2: Keyword Research

Certain keywords yield the highest return in every industry. With budget in mind, these need to be identified quickly and accurately.

Prioritized the Keywords that Matter the Most

Through research and analysis, we identified 116 keywords that accounted for qualified leads. By measuring conversion rates and absolute search volumes, we identified and prioritized the top keywords to focus our efforts on. We were able to achieve first page Google results for their top 28 keywords with a relatively small budget.

Technique #3: Optimize for Search Engines

You need to be in favor with Google and the other search engines. We make that possible.

Improved Search Visibility

We dramatically improved SFLF’s backlink profile, optimized on-page and technical SEO attributes, and generated a consistent volume of supporting off-page content each month.

Technique #4: Content Marketing & Social Media

Create SEO-friendly content that your readers want, can take action on, and provides clarity to a challenging issue.

Created Content that Solved Real Issues

We identified the top digital marketing pain points experienced by attorneys and created a series of articles, blog posts and Social Media posts aimed at providing solutions to these problems. Each series of content was optimized with their top SEO keywords and presented Sites For Law Firms as a solution to the potential client’s problem.

Technique #5: Paid Advertising

We carefully prune and adjust all paid campaigns allowing the most effective keywords or audiences to rise to the top.

ROI-Driven Search Marketing

Utilizing sophisticated paid advertising research tools, along with data from the SFLF paid advertising campaigns, we were able to identify the most cost effective keyword opportunities that our competitors had missed. Using this approach, the SFLF paid search advertising campaigns achieved a 9.2% conversion rate, the highest conversion rates we’ve ever achieved for a client.

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