About Jade Orchard

Helping grow companies since 2003

Your strategy, your voice, and your team.

We are a San Francisco Bay Area business services and marketing firm based out of Oakland, CA. Our agency is comprised of business strategists, Internet marketing professionals, expert writers, designers, and developers. Our approach to working with clients is to preface every suggestion, decision and effort with the question, ”What if this were our business?”

We have been helping our clients increase visibility, acquire new customers, deepen loyalty and achieve their goals for over 15 years. 300 happy clients later with an astounding client retention rate of 99%, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen and overcome.

We thrive on challenge and take pleasure in achieving rapid growth for companies.

300+ happy clients and 99% retention rate in 13 years. Partnerships built on trust & accountability.


Our Values

A Culture of Ethics

We’ve built a company that embraces integrity, respect and transparency. Our ethical principles shape our interactions with our clients and we believe our shared successes will be achieved by earning each other’s trust.

Candor and Accountbility

We are committed to being truthful with ourselves and our clients; even when it might be difficult. We are dedicated to justify our actions every step of the way.

Think Bigger

This value is required to work at Jade Orchard. The best digital marketing teams in the world have a great command of cutting edge opportunities. We constantly challenge our own thinking by testing and retesting outcomes. We are unafraid of new opportunities and our clients benefit long before their competition.


Our decisions and recommendations are often based on data and analytics. We know our actions and recommendations have far-reaching impact. The goal is simple, be thoughtful with every decision so you never have to question our commitment.

Our Co-Founders

Jason Seidler

With an academic background in linguistics, and an insatiable curiosity about human interaction and psychology, Jason is a business and marketing expert who has worked with more than 400 small, medium and large companies for the past 20 years.

In his spare time, Jason coaches professional Ultimate Frisbee and still plays frequently himself—where he has had the good fortune of competing in and winning national and world championships.

David Twist

David is a technologist with an artist’s eye for detail. He is a digital marketing, creative design, and engineering expert who has co-founded several companies that provide services and software in the digital marketing field.

Early in his career, David worked as an industrial designer, developing products for Apple Computer, Specialized Bicycles and dozens more companies. He then joined MultiGen Inc., working on software used by the US military and game industries. Later he worked in the game industry, serving as Lead Technical Artist, then Art Director and stood as the main interface between creative and engineering teams.

Outside of work, David is a dedicated husband and father, spending his time helping his wife grow her Pilates business and playing like a kid with his young son. He can’t imagine a more idyllic life than working hard each day at challenging problems, helping others succeed and then playing and laughing with his young son when he gets home each night.

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