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Higher Quality Leads. More Conversions. Better ROI.

We pride ourselves on accountability and transparency when it comes to paid advertising. Our highly experienced SEM strategists know how to effectively manage millions of dollars of advertising spend per year for our clients.

We have experts on our team that only focus on paid advertising. We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and if there were certifications for the other paid channels, you bet we’d be a certified partner for them as well.

We won’t spend your company’s hard-earned money if we’ve identified problematic areas in your sales funnel that need to be addressed first. We’re far more interested in getting you results than maximizing your ad spend. This approach has enabled us to develop strong partnerships with our clients over the years.

When our incentives are aligned, we can build a better future and a more successful business together.


Jade Orchard, on average, handles one million dollars in yearly client ad spend.*

* Based on Jade Orchard 2015 numbers

Our SEM Process

Our simple 5-step process that increases leads & conversions without the increased acquisition costs


Keyword & Demographic Research


Ad Creation


Landing Page Optimization


Testing & Analysis


Iterate and Improve

Facebook Advertising

In the last few years, it has ben exciting to incorporate Facebook’s advertising platform with its unique advantages, and incredible ability to market to very specific audiences. We can help you find and reach your ideal demographic audience on Facebook with awesome precision. For particular types of clients, this channel now provides a significantly better ROI than any other.

Google AdWords

We started building AdWords campaigns for clients when Google first introduced the platform in 2000, and have been a Google-certified professional partner ever since they started offering a certification program four years later. We have relationships with VPs at Google and truly understand how to tailor campaigns to get you the best ROI possible. We never use automated bidding and management tools, as the savings in man-hours are dramatically overshadowed by their increased ad spend. Don’t waste your time or advertising dollars paying amateurs or agencies that only scratch the surface of understanding how to build and manage efficient ad campaigns.

Everything Else

Every business has a unique customer demographic, and it pays to play where your customers are.

If you need to build brand awareness—and have the resources to spend extravagantly—we can incorporate placements on large and boutique display ad networks. Though, we feel it important to note these are generally not profitable channels to pursue outside of building or maintaining a national brand awareness reputation.

We can help you with building and managing paid campaigns in whatever other channels make good business sense for your company, including Microsoft‘s ad platform, pay-per-lead vendors, affiliate partners and networks, direct placement on relevant industry properties, and advertising opportunities unique to your business.

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